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Maybelline Total Temptation & Precise Brow 5 Shades Assorted - Wholesale Pack 20PCS (MTBL)

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 Wholesale Maybelline total tempation precise brow comes assorted in 5 shades for a 20 piece pack. Fill in and shape eyebrows with this must-have mechanical eyebrow pencil. Also, discover more of Total Temptation™, Maybelline's most addictive makeup collection. It's designed for pure indulgence!

Step 1. Begin by defining the brow with the narrow end of the teardrop tip.

Step 2. Use base of the tip to fill from the brow anchor to the brow arch.

Step 3. Fill in the remainder of the tail of the eyebrow using the narrow end of the applicator.

Step 4. Blend and style with the fluffy spoolie end.

(UPC) Use this code for more information:

041554550566 SOFT BROWN
041554550580 DEEP BROWN
041554550573 MEDIUM BROWN
041554550559 BLONDE
041554495270 DEEP BROWN

Quantity Weight
20 0.5 lb
40 1.0 lb
80 2.0 lb
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