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Wholesale HE Assorted Branded Houseware (Pallets: Load ID HEHSWCR12166467)

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Assorted Customer Return Kitchen, Houseware & Personal care items.
  • All loads typically offer an assortment of styles, price points & brands
  • Large Majority of items should have Retail Tags intact
  • Additional Discount or Reduced Price Tags will be found on items
  • Typically 1.8x to 2x retail markup from wholesale value
  • Well Known Leading Brands

Top Description:

    • Tools of the Trade 10 Alu 3%
    • Tools of the Trade Stainl 2%
    • Waterpik Waterpik WP-862 3%
    • Rachael Ray Nonstick 12.5 2%
    • Oceanstar Oceanstar Bambo 2%
    • Design Import Design Impo 3%
    • Oceanstar Oceanstar 7-Pie 2%
    • Tools of the Trade 12 Cas 2%

Condition:Customer Returns

Items returned to the retailer by the consumer. Items are not brand new and are in varying conditions

Load ID HEHSWCR12166467

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