Wholesale J.Cat Beauty Waterproof Mascara Pack 10PCS (LLL105)

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  • 10 units/lot $ 3.19/unit
  • 20 units/lot $ 3.09/unit
  • 40 units/lot $ 2.99/unit



Keep your lashes flirty and fresh with any of our mascaras that are specifically designed with diverse functions. Select one or all from the collection and love, live, every lash! WATERPROOF MASCARA This is the essential waterproof mascara that will give you volumizing, longer and fuller lashes in seconds. Coat your lashes from root to tip and your lashes will be longer. No need to worry about any unwanted splashes, this waterproof mascara will save you as you swim, sweat or cry from a good laugh.

Quantity Weight
10 0.7 lb
20 1.4 lb
40 2.8 lb
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