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Wholesale KCO Return Domestics Lots (Truckloads)

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Customer Return Assorted Bedding & Domestic Lots. Unmanfiested & sold at a flat price/pallet.

  • Majority in Original but Opened Packaging.
  • Sold at a Flat Price per Pallet in increments of 26.
  • Pallets can be double stacked to allow for 52 Pallet Orders on the same Truck.

Lots typically contain: comforters, quilts, bed-in-bag sets & at times sheets, pillow shams, throws & other related items.

The most prominent brand is Home Trends.

Please review sample images to get a better understanding of what to expect.


Condition: Customer Returns

Items returned to the retailer by the consumer. Items are not brand new and are in varying conditions.

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