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Wholesale Liquidation of Polarized Sunglasses (Pallet)

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This load includes approx 957 units of New Overstock assorted Polarized Sunglasses.

All items are the brand Silvano.

Silvano is a contemporary accessories brand launched in 2005 to offer contemporary accessories at affordable prices. The company creates modern, innovative accessories, including eyewear and watches, made primarily with wood in combination with other fine materials. Products are geared toward the style-conscious consumer, and the designs are deeply influenced by sports, culture, and fashion.

These items have been featured in the magazines like People, Redbook, Essence and others.

Great item for Retailers and Online Sellers!

Top Description: 

  • TCC -Transparent/Clear/Ch 13%
  • WB01- White/Grey Fade 7%
  • BGY07-Transparent/Green/Y 5%
  • BGC07-Transparent Green/C 5%
  • Tan/Dark Brown Grain Leat 3%
  • DSBLCK02-Black/Gray Fade 2$
  • MMT03-Mahogany/Tortoisesh 1%
  • TBCC01-Tortosisheel/clear 11%
  • BTY07-Transparent Yellow 7%
  • OSGG08-Gold/Gold Mirror 5%
  • WC01- White/Clear 4%
  • OSSS08-Silver/Silver Mirr 2%
  • BDCTM04-Camo and Mahogany 1%
  • BLKC01- Black Clear 1%
  • TC01-Transparent/Clear 10%
  • OSMB08-Matte Black/Yellow 6%
  • BTC07-Tortoiseshell/Clear 5%
  • BOG06-Olive / Brown Fade 3%
  • BTG05-Tortoiseshell/ Brow 2%
  • BC01- Blue/Clear 1%

Condition:New Overstocks

Goods never exposed for sale in a retail environment but may no longer be in original factory master case.

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