Wholesale NYX Away We Glow Liquid Highlighter 3 Shades Assorted Pack 27PCS (NAW3)


Now available in the following quantities:

  • 27 units/lot $ 1.85/unit
  • 54 units/lot $ 1.75/unit
  • 108 units/lot $ 1.65/unit


800897081225 GOLDEN HOUR
800897081256 DAYTIME HALO
800897081270 MOON GLOW

Up, up and Away We Glow! Let yourself get carried away with our gorgeous, new liquid highlighter. This light-reflecting formula comes in 3 wonderfully creamy yet lightweight shades. Give ’em a glow for irresistible illumination plus a shimmery finish. From soft to intense, the lighting you love most is totally buildable. Just dab and blend to add luminosity to any look.

Quantity Weight
27 1.3 lb
54 2.6 lb
108 5.2 lb
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