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WM B2B Hard Goods General Merchandise (Pallets: Load ID VWMB2B40680798)

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WM B2B Manifested Customer Return General Merchandise.


Top Description:

    • VTECH CS6919-2 DECT 77%
    • VTECH CD1103 WH TRIM 1%
    • AT&T EL52303 DECT 6. 1%
    • AT&T EL52303 DECT 6. 18%
    • ATT CL82414 1%
    • VTECH CS6919-16 DECT 2%
    • VTECH CD1113 BLACK T 1%

Condition:Customer Returns

Items returned to the retailer by the consumer. Items are not brand new and are in varying conditions


Load ID VWMB2B40680798

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