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Wholesale Stand Up Floats® Inflatables to Transform Your Paddleboard (Pallets: Load ID STFL-LN-SUF001)

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The Stand Up Floats® Inflatables easily attach to any SUP Paddleboard. Simply inflate the product and temporarily strap it to any paddle board with the included universal harness. Have fun with your kids and your friends or just meet new people. Then easily disconnect the straps for removal.

Top Description:

    • Unicorn 24%
    • Dolphin 12%
    • Orca 8%
    • Shark 24%
    • Duck 12%
    • Deluxe Swan 12%
    • Whale 8%

Quantity : 25 Pallests

Condition:New Overstocks

Goods never exposed for sale in a retail environment but may no longer be in original factory master case


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