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Liquidation of Yoga/Fitness Stretching Straps (Truckloads)

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This is an opportunistic liquidation of 17,280 units of Relief4Life Super Yoga/Fitness Stretch Straps in their original master cartons.

The Yoga/Fitness Stretch Out Strap includes:

    • A travel microfiber bag
    • 16 different sized loopholes so that it can be accommodated for any height and any stretch.
    • Color indicators to measure the progress in flexibility and mobility.
    • It also has an easily defined midsection so that you can tell the stretching straps are symmetrical.

The Yoga/Fitness Stretch Out Strap from Relief4Life combines simple stretching science with simple moves that give you relief specific for back pain.

You will use your Relief4Life Super Strap to help support and guide your body precisely as you perform science-based moves.

Feel your body unlock almost like you are picking a lock with a secret scientific combination.

See for yourself how these gentle moves can help wake up back, shoulders, hips and legs and can also be used for yoga, pilates, fitness.

Decompress your body and stimulate oxygen, circulation and nutrients so you feel great again.

Great product for Retailers, Wholesalers, Online Sellers, and Export!

Condition:Master Case

New in Original Factory Packaging

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