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Wholesale Candice Matte Liquid Lipstick Waterproof 6 Shades Assorted Pack 12PCS (CAN-MLLW)

Resell each unit in approx $5.08 USD

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The wholesale Candice Liquid lipstick has 2 of each shade to complete the 12-piece pack to resell makeup; this matte liquid lipstick is made of high intensity pigment that instantly provides a bold matte lip.

The lipstick is made of moisturizing ingredients specially hand-picked to give a comfortable and silky feel while also ensuring your lips does not dry out. It provides a smooth, even matte coverage that would last throughout the day and wouldn’t bleed. No matter the occasion, this matte liquid lipstick will surely make you glow.

Content: 0.17 OZ / Unit.

(UPC) Use this code for more information:

749712387480 NUDE 2PCS
749712387459 FLAMINGO 2PCS
749712387565 DUBAI 2PCS
749712387503 KISS ME 2PCS
749712387527 SEXY ANGEL 2PCS
749712387497 BABY DOLL 2PCS

0.9 lb
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