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Wholesale City Color Brush Cleanser Display 12PCS (T-0020)

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Now available in the following quantities:

  • 12 units/lot $ 2.40/unit
  • 24 units/lot $ 2.30/unit
  • 48 units/lot $ 2.20/unit

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For a flawless looking application every time. Washes away dirt, makeup, oil and debris from your brush while conditioning the hair to provide a clean and soft application. Crafted for daily use.

How to Use

After Using Your Brush, Spray Several Times Over The Brush Bristles.
Gently Wipe The Brush Onto A Clean Cloth To Remove Makeup.
Allow Brush To Fully Air Dry Before Next Use.
Repeat Daily Or As Often As Necessary.

* We can not guarantee the condition of any acrylic/cardboard display as they are extremely delicate and may get damaged during delivery. * 

Expiration: Factory Fresh

Quantity Weight
12 1.8 lb
24 3.6 lb
48 7.2 lb
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