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Wholesale Covergirl Simply Age Less Liquid Foundation - Primer Pack 20PCS + 6 Tester (83513441)

estimated retail value on largest qty $560.00 USD

Now available in the following quantities:

  • 20 units/lot $ 3.00/unit
  • 40 units/lot $ 2.90/unit
  • 80 units/lot $ 2.80/unit


022700127221 PRIMER (2PCS)
008100100361 CLASSIC IVORY (2PCS)
008100100446 SOFT HONEY (2PCS)
008100100354 IVORY (2PCS)
008100100385 BUFF BEIGE (2PCS)
008100100378 CREAMY NATURAL (2PCS)
008100100392 NUDE BEIGE (2PCS)
008100100439 CREAMY BEIGE (2PCS)
008100100408 NATURAL BEIGE (2PCS)
008100100422 WARM BEIGE (2PCS)

With superior technology, COVERGIRL’s Simply Ageless line hydrates skin and fights the signs of aging. Start today — the more you use it, the more beautiful your future looks!

Quantity Weight
20 3.7 lb
40 7.4 lb
80 14.8 lb
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