Wholesale Profusion Feline Lip Luster Gloss Display 24PCS (S096)

Now available in the following quantities:

  • 24 units/lot $ 1.30/unit
  • 48 units/lot $ 1.20/unit
  • 96 units/lot $ 1.10/unit



Instantly transform your lips when you snag one of the six vibrant Feline Lip Lusters. The bestselling creamy formula glides over your lips like a brilliant gloss and gains a smooth satin finish as it sets throughout the day. In one even layer, you’ll achieve a beautiful opaque color, that’s comfortable to wear AND moisturizing. Available in six shades of neutrals to bolds, there’s at least one perfect color for everyone (or, you know, six!).

Quantity Weight
24 1.3 lb
48 2.6 lb
96 5.2 lb
UPC xsmall display