Wholesale Rude Cosmetics Pineapple Bubble Peeling Gel Display 12PCS (RC-87886)


Now available in the following quantities:

  • 12 units/lot $ 8.20/unit
  • 24 units/lot $ 8.10/unit
  • 48 units/lot $ 8.00/unit



Tired of dull skin? Then dive in to a revolutionary face cleansing system. Pineapple Face will remove all dead cells and unclog stubborn pores in a matter of minutes.How it works: on clean and dry face, apply enough product to cover facial area with the exception of eyes and mouth. Allow for product to bubble up for 3-5 minutes. Once bubbles begin to dry out, rub face in a circular motion. This gesture will remove all dead skin, the ultimate cause of dullness. Rinse face with lukewarm water and apply toner.

Quantity Weight
12 3.2 lb
24 6.4 lb
48 12.8 lb
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