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Wholesale Rude Cosmetics Wishes Do Come true Glow Primer Oil Rose Gold Display 12PCS (RC-88021)

estimated retail value on largest qty $570.00 USD

Now available in the following quantities:

  • 12 units/lot $ 4.95/unit
  • 24 units/lot $ 4.85/unit
  • 48 units/lot $ 4.75/unit

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RUDE Wishes Do Come True Glow Primer Oil - Rose Gold, Set the perfect canvas for a master piece with the most revolutionary oil primer. Light weight and hydrating formula with a soothing scent will blur out all imperfections and the appearance of fine lines, leaving your skin bright and healthy. Shake a little to revive its rose gold tone, or shake heavily for a brighter glow.

Expiration: Factory Fresh

Quantity Weight
12 3.5 lb
24 7.0 lb
48 14.0 lb
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